28th Annual Sale was held March 7th 2018 — 1:00 p.m.
Ferguson Angus Ranch – Agra, KS
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Updated EPDs as of 2-23-18 plus Scrotals

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The bulls will have a complete
BSE a couple of weeks before the sale.

James M. Birdwell
580-549-6636 (H) or 580-695-2352 (C)
First Breeding Season Guarantee
– All bulls are guaranteed against injury or death during the first breeding season. If a replacement bull is not available, credit will be given at the next year’s sale.
You choose one of three options.
1) Bulls can be delivered free of charge to you in the days after the sale in Kansas and Nebraska. We will start to deliver the next week after the sale.
2) You can haul your bulls sale day for $100.00 per bull off of the purchase price.
3) You can leave your bulls up to April 10th free of charge with the option of leaving them longer at $3.50 per day per bull and then pick them up at your convenience. Please give us a couple days notice before you come.
All bulls will have undergone a complete breeding soundness exam. A supplemental sheet will be online plus available sale day with updated information. This sheet or any announcements from the sale block will take precedence over the sale book.
  • Ferguson Angus is selling Full Possession and 2/3 semen interest in all bulls in this offering.
    Ferguson Angus will retain a 1/3 revenue sharing semen interest in all bulls selling unless otherwise stated.
    You, the buyer, have total control of the bull and 100% of the salvage value belongs to you. The reason for retaining this semen interest is simple. Many of these bulls have the individual performance, pedigree, EPDs and carcass merit to develop into outstanding sires, but the truly superior sires that we need to advance our program and provide a better product for you, our customers, are not being identified until later in life after progeny records increase their predictability. If and when we would like semen on any of these bulls, we would collect the semen in the off-breeding season at
    your convenience and our expense.
  • If you decide to collect semen for your own account the semen is 100% yours. The number of bulls on which a high volume of semen is sold is relatively small, but in the event semen sales develop on any of these bulls, we and you, as the bull owner, will share the net revenues. Over time, this will affect very few bulls.
  • We will be more than happy to visit with you and answer any questions you may have pertaining to the bulls offered in this sale.

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Volume Discount

Volume Discount

$100 Discount off third bull purchased and $100 off for each additional bull.

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Pictures of Sires of Ferguson Angus’
2018 Sale Offering

Most of the pictures of the bulls are in the slider group below.  Just click on either side to go to the next picture.

  • Discovery

    VAR Discovery

  • Payweight
    Basin Payweight 1682

  • 5

    WMR Infinity 141

  • Connealy Iceman 4382

    Connealy Iceman 4382

  • KCF Bennett Fortress

    KCF Bennett Fortress

  • null

    WR Journey 1X74

  • null

    McKellar Now Look

  • null

    KCF Bennett Absolute

  • null

    Yon Future Force Z77

  • null

    Haynes Outright 452

  • null

    Connealy Consensus 7308

  • null

    EXAR Stud 46588