Quarter Horses

Our horses have great dispositions and there’s plenty of color. We gear our breeding program towards the working ranch horse that is versatile to use in whatever a person wants to do…ranch work, roping, pleasure, or race events.

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Sprats Suzanne
1997 Dun Mare
Zan Parr Bar/Harlan’s Tyree/
War Leo/Docs Jack Sprat

Rawhide Leo Flash
2001 dun gelding
by Prices Leo Flash
out of a Continental Frost/
Sonny Dee Bar mare

SV Grace Bee Easy
Maudie’s 2003 red dun filly
…by Ciclone Socks
born 4-15-03

SV Zans War Jet
Annie’s 2005 dun gelding
…by Ciclone Socks
born 3-17-05

SV Ciclones Hotrod
born 4-10-02
Maudie’s 2002 red dun gelding
by Ciclone Socks
Scooter was purchased back in 2012 due to owner not riding anymore, but now a young girl owns half of him.

Ms Dakota Frenchmans
2010 Grullo mare
by Guys Dunwood by Iamguy who is by Frenchmans Guy and who is a grandson of Ciderwood on his dam’s side.
Kota’s dam is by Poco Dakota Buck
And is Docs Lynx bred on the bottom.

SV Drews Allieoop
Maudie’s 2010 dun mare
…by Drews Hancock
born 4-16-10

SV Zans Sweet Zoe
Annie’s 2016 bay filly
by Two Eyed Sweet Jack
born 4-5-2016

Kota’s 2018 dun roan filly
by Streakin Boon Dox
born 3-30-2018

Annie lost the one that was to be born in 2017 and 2018.  So, So Sad!!
Allie and Kota are both bred to Boon Dox and will foal in April and May, 2019.
Streakin Boon Dox

“A cowboy lives by an unwritten code of ethics that involves integrity, morality and honesty….
In that respect, maybe he’s the living cornerstone of America’s concept of itself.”
Buster McLaury in “The Texas Cowboys”

I have pulled your plows to feed your families.
I have carried your flag in parades
to celebrate your independence.
I have run with all my heart for that buckle
hanging proudly on your belt.
I have shown you the world from my back……
And now we’ll show the world together….
You are America and
I am your horse…America’s Quarter Horse


Horses Sold or R.I.P


Colonels Queen Bee
May 17, 1994-
Oct 31, 2011
1994 Red Dun Mare
Colonel Freckles/Rondo Leo/
Jackie Bee

May 21, 1984-
Nov 19, 2010
Not registered
but was a gd of Three Chicks
and ggd of Joak.
Also was double bred Leo

Annie Superfreckles
2000 Bay Roan Mare
Colonel Freckles/Coys Bonanza/
Dick Sonoita

Lenas Shania Chips
High Brow Hickory/Sailing Crystals/
Doc O’ Lena/Two Eyed Jack

Krysler’s 2004 filly
Not registered
born 3-28-04
She is by
Buenos Doc Frost

SV Zans Pepto Shine
Annie’s 2015 bay filly
…by Sparkle Blue Boon
born 4-5-15
Easter Sunday
Sparkle Blue Boon is a black grandson
of Peptoboonsmal and Shining Spark

SV Laughing Colonel
Maudie’s 2005 colt,
…by Ciclone Socks
born 3-24-05

SV Gun Your Hotrod
Maudie’s 2006 colt
…by Ciclone Socks
Born 3-30-06

Not registered and was
a full sister to Krysler

Not registered
born 3-29-02
by Ciclone Socks
out of Krysler

“The cowboy is the spirit of America…He understands the difference between right and wrong
and acts upon his convictions regardless of the personal peril that it entails….”Todd Black