Kota foaled on March 30 early a.m.  When I went up to feed, I was surprised with a beautiful dun filly.  I wondered what I would end up with since she kept changing as she aged.  The result after he shedding was a dun ROAN.
Her disposition is wonderful and she’s definitely a keeper right now.


First 3 pics were taken the day Sadie was born

For the first couple weeks, mom’s milk must have had a funny taste as she sure like to stick out her tongue after eating.

April 4th

Her whorls showing up like eyelashes on April 2nd.

May 3rd

June 14th

June 25th

July 4th

August 30th

August 30th

Streakin Boon Dox being used heeling after spending a lot of his time barrelracing.

Streakin Boon Dox placing solid in 1D at the November 2017 Barrel Bash at Victory Farms!  It had been 4 weeks since his last run.

Boon Dox enjoying his turnout for the day